Conquering your Stiletto Strut like a Pro

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Truer words couldn’t have been spoken, for real. Wearing the right shoes with your ensemble gives any woman the kick of confidence she needs to conquer the world. This confidence doesn’t stem from vanity, but from the feeling that her outside is the true representation of her inside at the moment. That she is a strong woman, standing tall, with her head held high.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at the various ways a woman can conquer the world, by strutting her stilettos like a pro,

How to Choose the Right Stiletto

Kenneth Cole once said, “when a woman puts on a pair of shoes in the morning, she's making a commitment that's going to last all day,” Thus, when it comes to choosing the right stiletto to commit to for a full day of work and possibly some play, there are five things that every woman should keep in mind.

  • 1. The Right Fit

  • When you know you are going to be on your feet in stilettos all day long, it is more than essential that you choose a shoe that is your perfect fit.  The higher the heels the better may be a phrase that can work if you’re going to be wearing this pair for a few hours at most. But, it is better for you to choose a shoe with a shorter heel to accommodate your work to a party ensemble. This will also increase the chances of spending a day in comfort.

  • 2. Comfort

  • Once your shoe proves to be a right fit in both width and length, next you need to find a pair that doesn’t compress or pinch your shoe in any way. Therefore, go for a shoe that has a wider toe area to keep your forefoot from being compressed.  A shoe like that will also help you keep your balance and ensure comfort all day long.

  • 3.Support

  • Maximizing the availability of support to the balls of your feet while you are out and about all day long is essential to wearing stilettos every day.  With that said, investing in products like gel cushions and such would certainly prove to be a wise investment.

  • 4. Exercise

  • If you are going to put yourself on stilts every single day and feel like looking incredibly grand while you are at it, then you are certainly going to need strong and flexible feet and ankles to support yourself. Thus, using balance exercises called proprioceptive exercises along with stretching exercises for your calves and ankles will give you extra strength to conquer the world while in stilettos.

  • 5. Weight

  • Having to stay on your feet for an extended period of time while in a pair of heels is an art in itself that requires a whole lot of effort. But, adding to that discomfort by putting on excessive weight can have a negative impact on your feet. Thus, keeping your weight within your body’s recommended BMI limit will certainly help reduce the stress on your feet and ankle throughout the day.

    In Conclusion…

    By making a few small lifestyle changes, you’ll literally slay every pair of stilettos you commit to for the day. While these may seem to be minor things at first, the impact they play on comfort and to the quality of your life will be nothing short of significant.

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