Leather Care


Snakeskin is an exotic and delicate leather, and although rather durable, will need to be treated with care.  The skin is naturally highly absorbent and will take in and release moisture around it more quickly than most leather types. 

You’ll want to store your snakeskin leathers in cool, dry places away from heat and sunlight. Dust bags and boxes work particularly well and are provided with all BC leather products.

On average you can expect to clean and condition your snakeskins two to three times per year.  To do so, simply grab a clean white cotton cloth and very lightly dampen it.  Next, gently wipe your damp cloth in the direction of the scales. The flow of the scales should feel smooth never rough. Lastly, use a dry cloth to pick up any remaining moisture.

Once your snakeskins are dry we recommend conditioning them using a conditioning recipe specifically formulated for reptile and exotic leather.  Commercial leather conditioners can potentially harm the scales, leaving a residue which can not only alter the color but can also in time make the scales dry and crack.

Gently apply the conditioner to the surface, again in the direction the scales lie with a thin layer.  Leave it on for about fifteen minutes and buff it off with a clean cloth.  After the product is fully dry, applying a water protectant to defend it from water exposure is suggested.  The water protectants specifically designed for reptiles work best, and should also be tested before use.

TIP: It is always a good idea and we recommend testing the conditioner on a small discreet area before fully applying. 


1.  Keep your leather dry, especially suede.  If you end up stuck in a rainstorm or spilling a liquid on your leather (hey, it happens to us all), take a clean dry cloth and blot it dry the soonest you are able to do so.  This will prevent permanent markings.

2. Store your leather in a climate controlled environment.  Too hot as well as too cold can be damaging to your leather.  It's also a good idea to keep your leather in a protective garment/dust bag.  *All BC leathers come with a protective storage bag*

3. Condition your leather - Over an extended time, leather naturally loses some of its moisture, so using a reputable leather conditioner on finished leather can prolong its life.

4. Bring to a Professional for cleaning -  whether your leather has gotten a little dirty, lost some of its color or developed cracks, a professional leather cleaning service can much of the time restore its vibrancy and repair the damage.